Ruff Chain: Blockchain Unified IoT

Decentralized open source blockchain architecture for high efficiency Internet of Things application development

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About Ruff Chain

Ruff Chain combines the Internet of Things technology with the blockchain. It contains a distributed operating system and an open main chain, connecting peer to peer network and consensus mechanism from the virtual world to reality. Traditional blockchain forgo Availability over Consistency and Partition Tolerance, however Ruff enabled Availability through the combination of Edge Computing and blockchain, making Availability available, and thus meeting the requirements of elastic real-time requirements.

Our goal is to solve the problem of trusted operations and onerous operations between IoT systems in different domains, thus creating an open Ruff Chain Ecosystem.

IoT Device will be ......

  • Light Node (Executor)

    Interface for objects controlled by application.
    After receiving authentication info through internet request, verifies and executes contract for the user, such as releasing the property right.
    Cheap easy devices with no storing power can still undertake the light node job.

  • Full Node (Recorder)

    Records info, event registration, and modification broadcast is voter and can change to representative node acted by devices with stronger capacities in the network PoW consensus algorithm was not used, so computing power requirement is relatively low Smart devices such as $200 HTPC, height router, NAS can all capable.

  • Representative Node (Judge)

    The 105 nodes with most votes.
    Must stick to the rules and responsible for packaging the blocks.
    Once caught for malicious behavior, will be forgone by voters and loses the representative qualification.
    Representative node can attain mining income through selling blocks.

  • Control Node (SPV Wallet)

    Has certain computing power.
    Can store headers for all blocks.
    Can authenticate if designated exchange is registered on chain.
    Can initiate an exchange using P2P protocol security.
    Compared to the full node, no need to save and be online 24/7.

Application Scenarios

  • Space
  • Space
  • Space

RUFF Tokens

As an architecture combining block chain and internet of things (IoT), Ruff Chain includes a public chain for development as well as a distributed operating system. It extends the point-to-point network and consensus mechanism from the virtual to real world, and promotes the motion of atomic flow by information flow. RUFF Tokens, validated by virtual currency contracts, are placed in the Ruff Chain; they are the standards for incentivizing, consuming, and trading in the Ruff Chain community.

Total supply 2,000,000,000 RUFF
  • Private Angel: 1 ETH = 16,000 RUFF
    Early Investor: 1 ETH = 20,000 RUFF

  • Total Token Sold 700,000,000 RUFF
    (Equivalent to 42,500 ETH)

Token Sale Ended at 24:00 20th Jan 2018, Thank you to everyone who participatied

  • Property or data exchange consumes virtual coins as they are settlement standard

  • Exchanges based on property right and device data generation can be settled with virtual coins

  • Producers of node resources who contributes to the community will acquire RUFF tokens

  • Any Ruff Chain based Smart Contract of Things can claim their virtual coins for settlements

  • RUFF Tokens is used to settle contract deployment and resource consumption


More secure, reduced fault tolerance
Highly scalable clustered full nodes network
Dpos network in production, full release
Beta testing with simple interface
Alpha release with p2p transfer, ledger implementation
Witness nodes network testing
Consensus mechanism


Consensus Mechanism
Mar 2018
Jun 2018
nodes network testing
Alpha release
with p2p
Spet 2018
Dec 2018
Beta testing
with simple
Dpos network in production, full release
Mar 2019
Jun 2019
Highly scalable clustered full nodes network
More secure, reduced fault tolerance
Dec 2019


  • Instructor in Master of Software Engineering Program at Fudan Univ
  • Formal Nokia OVI Team Lead
  • Advisor of TNB, Realchain, AIDOC
  • Ex-LeEco Cloud Senior Vice President
  • Ex-360 Cloud Venture Partner
  • Ten years of HP & Dell Experience
  • A fund established by former Moji Weather APP Co-Founder
  • Famous blockchain and token exchange investor and Internet VC angel investors
  • Ce Yuan Ventures Partner
  • Lightinthebox Co-Founder
  • BlogChina Co-Founder
  • Bixin CEO
  • Chinese BTC veteran and entrepreneur
  • The earliest bitcoin evangelists
  • Former Baidu production director
  • Shandagames VP
  • WeXFin Founder & CEO,Aplus Managing Partner
  • Director of Institute of Computing Technology
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Shanghai department
  • 18 years of OLEA Network & Wavesat experience
  • MSEE from National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

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