RuffChain: IoT + blockchain will transform real economy

Fantastic Event

On May 24–25, 2018, Ruff Chain was showcased at Blockchain Festival Vietnam, where the sci-tech ecosystem of Ruff blockchain + IoT was introduced to the 1500+ audiences at the venue.

Besides, Roy Li shared a speech entitled “The Best of Both Worlds: Blockchain and IoT”.

Roy Li shared his wonderful speech
Audiences there were quite excited

Overview of speech:

For any public blockchain at its early launch stage, it is highly difficult to achieve quite high decentralization. POW aims to solve the problem of decentralization, and its computing power is quite dispersed. However, it is relatively centralized at the early stage. The so-called “decentralization” does not mean no center; there might be several concentrated centers, more appropriate for the launch of network.

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The exhibition was extremely popular! International blockchain investors and technical developers all came to the Ruff booth to learn about the trend of IoT+blockchain. This event is of extraordinary significance to Ruff Chain’s establishment of a local community.

Large numbers of participants at the Blockchain Festival

Ruff also initiated diverse little games to help more peoples learn about blockchain and IoT.

Ruff interacted with audiences

Roy Li, founder of Ruff, also received in-depth interview from local media. Ruff Chain remains positive about its market in Southeast Asia, and is willing to cooperate in series with local corporate giants.

Later, Roy hurried to Beijing and was invited to participate in the “Tsinghua University Blockchain Industry Innovation Summit” held by Tsinghua SEM on May 27, where he delivered a speech entitled “How to Realize Enterprise-Level Application of IoT”.

Roy gave a speech in Tsinghua University

Overview of his speech:

Value networks will cause subversion. Things like shared bicycles, or Airbnb, or anything you can imagine, generate data at any time; however, there is only 1% of them that “cost high for gaining trust”, and the rest of them, 99%, are ordinary data. Blockchain is a totally “new network”, and exchanges of real rights lead to transfer of value, like your inserting of a coin, your scanning of a 2D code … You might spend 12 hours a day on your cellphone, but your execution of “payment action” may only take 1% of it, and that part of data are just the data with value.

I believe that, each person loves blockchain for a different reason, and I also believe, the future world belongs to developers, since only science and technology can change the world.

Roy Li’s sharing this time in the university follows his lectures as a Master Candidate Supervisor in Fudan University and a CEIBS guest lecturer. For Ruff Chain, it is a great honor for us to have this opportunity, as an evangelist of blockchain IoT industry, to share and communicate more information about IoT + blockchain and enable more learners to participate in this technology and obtain valuable knowledge.